From Bach to Mozart

Genuine recordings

All SP works have been recorded by top professional classical musicians. Let the one playing your part guide you through the piece or just try it on your own. Choose among pieces from Bach to Mozart and play with the free sheet music provided. It’s so easy.

Play and record made easy

A fun and powerful recording interface

Record high quality versions of your playing step by step. If you miss a note – just do it again until you are spot on. Loop the difficult parts to improve your playing. Export your masterpiece and let your family and friends enjoy!

Suitable for all levels

Perfect tool for both teachers and students

Music teachers and students now have a great tool for the teaching. Let the student record and send the result to the teacher for comments. In that way you can have corrections between lessons and progress much faster.

Our community

Share and connect

Why not have new friends with the same interest as you from all over the planet? Let them enjoy your playing and listen to their versions of the piece. Connect to Facebook and let all your FB friends listen and comment.

Create your own works

Take your world of music to the next level

Anyone can make their own works for Symphonic Playground in a fun and easy way. As music teacher you can let your students play to the pieces you are practicing right now. Or you can promote your band, your compositions or any composer that you like, by going through the few steps of 'create work'. You're in charge!

Play Social

Play together across borders

Choose your favorite piece of music from the library and invite other users of Symphonic Playground to play with you. You can choose to play all voices yourself or invite as many Symphonic Playground users you'd like until each voice in a piece is covered. Have fun!