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How do I use Symphonic Playground?
How do I use the Play & Record function?
Play Social
How to invite and play with your friends.
How to create you very own works?
Frequently asked questions

Get Started

How do I use Symphonic Playground?

  1. Download the tool.
  2. Go to the library and download the piece you would like to play.
  3. Click play&record and the piece will load.
  4. Change the instrument in the instrument lane if you need to.
  5. Adjust the level for the original voice or mute it if you like.
  6. Double-click on the stage image or click at the show score tab to load the score.
  7. Press the play button or space bar to start the piece.
  8. You can set a loop point with the in and out points. Activate the loop with the loop button in the record/play field.


How do I use the Play & Record function?

  1. Plug in some earphones so that the loudspeakers are muted.
  2. Connect a microphone to the computer or use an onboard microphone.
  3. Set the inpoint where you want to record from.
  4. Place the playhead at or before the inpoint.
  5. Press the record button, then the play button or spacebar. Recording begins when you reach the inpoint.
  6. Press the play button or spacebar to stop.
  7. You can overrecord the piece again and afterwards you will be prompted whether you want to keep the new or the previous recording.

Play Social

How to invite and play with your friends?

  1. Go to the library and locate the work you want to ‘play social’.
  2. Just press the twoPlusTwo icon to get started. It is found in the library to the far right of the works you’ve downloaded.
  3. For each voice you choose a user and he/she will automatically be invited by email. Press ‘Create’ when you’re done.
  4. From the library you enter into your ‘Social Work’ by clicking on the PlayAndRecord found to the right or simply by double clicking on the line.
  5. Press 'Edit' in the library if you wish to change user.
  6. Press 'X' in the library to delete your 'Social Work’.


How to create you very own works?

  1. Press the 'Create' tab and then ‘Create New Work’ to start.
  2. Write name and composer. Choose other if your composer is not on the list. Press ‘next’.
  3. Press 'add instrument' for each instrument you need for the piece. Name 'instrument type' and 'Voice name'.
  4. Choose to either record the voice yourself or upload an mp3 file from your desktop. Press 'score' to upload sheet music in PDF format.
  5. To listen to all instruments press the orange 'preview instruments' button found in the bottom lefthand corner of the window. Press ‘next’.
  6. Place all instruments of your work on stage. Press ‘next’.
  7. Press 'Save and close' and your work will be compiled. When finished you will be able test or edit your work before publishing.
  8. Press ‘Publish’ when ready!
  9. Be aware that user works will lack bar counting and the score is a printable PDF file found at the top.


Check the list below to find answers to some frequently asked questions

  1. Q: I have turned up the microphone level, so why don’t I hear anything?
    A: The level of the microphone input is adjusted by your computers audio interface. The microphone input slider in SP only determines how much of your microphone level that is routed through to the headphones.
  2. Q: I have no sound from my microphone on my Mac computer, why?
    A: Some Mac computers don’t have a microphone preamplifier. You’ll need an outboard amplifier or a usb soundcard with mic input. Apple recommends the Imic.
  3. Q: What means “unsync” score?
    A: The score is following the position of the player. If you choose to unsync the score will not scroll.
  4. Q: Why must I sometimes redownload a work?
    A: Sometimes after udpdating the program, you will for technical reasons have to redownload a work. Also when logging in other computers you must redownload. See next Q.
  5. Q: Can Symphonic Playground be used on multiple machines?
    A: Yes, you can log in to Symphonic Playground everywhere. But you’ll need to redownload your works again from the library first time you will play them. Your own recordings will only be on the computer, where you recorded.
  6. Q: Why do I need to install open AL on my Windows computer?
    A: Open AL is a third party program that enables your windows computer to route the audio input directly to the headphones. Without OpenAL you will not be able to record.
  7. Q: The metronome is not active, why?
    A: The metronome is normally only active for works that have been recorded to a clicktrack.
  8. Q: When I am not online – can I still use Symphonic Playground?
    No, you need to be online to use Symphonic Playground.
  9. Q: How do I add a picture to my profile?
    A: When you connect to Facebook, you might allow Symphonic Playground to use your FB profile picture.
  10. Q: I am not on Facebook; can I still be a member of the community?
    A: Yes, but you will miss some of the advantages of the link to Facebook. You will miss the profilepicture, and you will not be able to share your work with your Facebookfriends.
  11. Q: Can I use Symphonic Playground on my phone or on my tablet?
    A: No, not for now, but we are working on it.
  12. Q: I would like to produce my own pieces for Symphonic Playground, is that possible?
    A: Not for now, but very soon you will be able to do your own Symphonic Playground works.
  13. Q: Does the application support shortcuts?
    A: Yes, it does:
    Windows Mac
    open work ctrl+o ctrl+o
    save work ctrl+s cmd+s
    print score ctrl+p cmd+p
    play/stop spacebar spacebar
    go to start 0 0
    go to in 1 1
    go to out 2 2
    go to bar number shift+number shift+number
    undo ctrl+z ctrl+z
    redo ctrl+y ctrl+y
    set in ctrl+1 cmd+1
    set out ctrl+2 cmd+2
    arm record r r
    toggle loop l l
    toggle metronome m m